Introducing Long and Short-Term Counselling

Hello! My name is Rhonda Gibson Long, and I am a Clinical GANZ and PACFA registered gestalt trained psychotherapist. I work with individuals and couples providing long, and short-term counselling and psychotherapy. I have completed a postgraduate Masters of Gestalt Psychotherapy and have had more than 28 years’ experience of working with clients.

In Good Hands

I have taught Gestalt psychotherapy for over 15 years in Sydney Gestalt Institute as well as other psychotherapy training centres in Australia. As a result of my experiences in training and in private practice I have developed an effective, relationally based method of supporting clients struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship and life crises.

Anahata Retreats
Anahata Retreats


Anahata Retreats


Anahata Retreats


Anahata Retreats


Stunning Location

My private psychotherapy practice is based in an office in my home (Anahata Waters) near Mullumbimby. See under “Counselling” for more information about how I work.

Retreat Options

Two or three day retreats are also available at Anahata Waters. See under “Retreats” for more information.

Anahata Retreats

Why Anahata?

Anahata is the Sanskrit name for the heart chakra. It is associated with balance, calmness and serenity.

On the psychic level, this centre of force inspires human beings to be calm, to love, be compassionate with self and others, be expansive, realise and integrate and accept things that happen in a divine way.

Anahata Retreats

Supervision Option

I also offer professional supervision services for therapists from a range of backgrounds. See under “Supervision”.

Anahata Retreats

The Twelve-Petalled Heart Chakra

Your heart centre contains a very special lotus flower. Learn more about it with us.

Anahata Retreats

The Heart Chakra

“Awakening the twelve petals of our Heart Chakra is one of the most important steps that we can take to help us heal along our spiritual journey. Each of the twelve petals are associated with specific positive healing.”

Anahata Retreats

Our Name Meaning

We named our retreat place Anahata Waters: a meeting of hearts at the water.

Our Blog

Anahata Retreats

You can find more about me and services I provide on this website, however if you have further questions please contact me by email: or call me on 02 6684 0095.

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