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Rhonda Gibson Long Gestalt Mullumbimby

Rhonda Gibson Long: Masters of Gestalt, B Sc, Dip Ed, RSA, Cert Supervision has been Director of Sydney Gestalt Institute for 15 years (1996-2011) as well as a long experience of teaching (since 1975) and practicing and training in Gestalt (since 1994). She has her Masters in Gestalt therapy from Brisbane Gestalt Institute 2007 and is a clinical member of PACFA and GANZ and is a PACFA accredited supervisor. Alongside this she practices yoga and meditation having spent 3 years in India learning techniques from various gurus and spiritual groups.

Counselling Specialties

Rhonda’s counselling specialties include working with adolescents, adults, couples and groups with those who suffer from depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, grief reactions and sexual dysfunction. Her methods include process work, mindfulness, dream work, art therapy, constellation work and sand-play. She makes every effort to create a safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment. Rhonda emphasises the importance of the relationship between therapist and client, which she believes is the source of all healing.

In building this therapeutic relationship, attention is paid to the person’s whole life experience, integrating Gestalt with relational and developmental psychology. The whole field as well as the physical well being, intellectual interests and spiritual awareness and practice may also be included in the work. Interpersonal skills are developed in sessions which can then be extended into the client’s world. As the Director of the Sydney Gestalt Institute for 15 years, she has developed the skills of a therapist, trainer, group facilitator and supervisor.
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A Message From Rhonda

“The guiding light of all my work is the knowing that we are all exactly who we are meant to be, that our work is to uncover the truth of who we already are, to undo and heal the damage that gets in the way of that, and to unlearn who we’ve been taught to be. I have been gifted with a great love of human-ness. So each time I sit with another human being in their inner work, I am privileged to be allowed access to more of what makes us tick –- what gives us joy, what hurts, how we handle our pain, how we heal and how we learn to be whole. I offer my knowing about the stuff of being human, given to me by thousands of hours of being present to thousands of ordinary and extraordinary human stories. I have learned that we can open to change when we feel safe. If we feel threatened, unloved or unheard, we shut down. Our survival instinct takes over and we become defensive. So my passion is to be a loving guide. I know that, no matter what has transpired in your life, you are not wrong. Nor are you alone. I know that anything can heal. And my job is to assist you on that journey. I am guided and deeply nourished by the natural world. Nature is my greatest, wisest and most beloved teacher. My guidance, teaching and healing work is constantly informed by this relationship. I look forward to working with you.”

People who have experienced this retreat have said:

In February I participated in an SGI “Restoration and Renewal” retreat with Phil Oldfield and Rhonda Gibson-Long, held in Rhonda and her husband Rodney’s home in Mullumbimby. The location was perfect, with very comfortable accommodation provided in their large beautiful house with a wide wooden verandah, in spectacular surroundings of tall trees, rainforest, running streams and creeks, a dam (home to platypus), and rolling lawns.
I loved every moment of this retreat. I felt deeply nourished in my mind, heart, body and spirit and continually restored to good strong connection and contact with myself and others. All of us present co-created a wonderful, supportive, joyful community. We engaged in beautiful, robust, authentic contact and did rich, creative and heartfelt process work with loving awareness. Our needs were taken care of and provided for with generosity, grace and humour by Rhonda’s husband, Rodney, who prepared and served us an ongoing variety of delicious, nutritious and wonderful sumptuous feasts. Within the wisdom and magic of the Gestalt process, I experienced the unfolding of new levels of learning and awareness. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Phil, Rhonda and Rodney.
Kate Kaszonyi

Phil and Rhonda not only have a mastery of their craft, they have a deep connection with their own humanity and generously open their hearts and home to welcome all participants. With gratitude, Mike Burns

I feel restored and better able to meet my clients. Nicole Hope-Allan

What an amazing experience! I leave the weekend full and rich and going away with much more than I thought possible. Rhonda and Phil’s facilitation was exquisite. Thank you! Rebbecca Murray

One of the most skilfully facilitated workshops that I have attended in the last 10 years. Maria Neill

I came away from the weekend feeling different, changed. I was more relaxed, more open, more available to meet friends. I enjoyed people more and was less critical and people were giving me positive feedback in that I was acknowledged for being me. Actually others were seeking me out which was a really good feeling. I was not so worried about what others thought of me. I feel very alive and free – really enjoying myself and my contact with others. Paula Montalbetti

I learned much from Phil’s facilitation and his breakdown and analysis of interventions offered.
I liked how Phil and Rhonda weaved in theory and supervision throughout the workshop seamlessly.
The different use of experimentation was brilliant.
Wonderful food cooked with abundant love. Karl Robins
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