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Counselling Services with Anahata Mullumbimby

People seek counselling and psychotherapy for many different reasons. Perhaps they need help to respond to unexpected changes; transitions; chronic problems; emotional pain; feeling stuck or a failure to launch. Some people find themselves requiring support whilst they undergo self- exploration, find they have difficulty in connecting or simply want to know how to reach out to get the support they need. Whatever your reason may be, you can find comfort in the counselling services at Anahata in Mullumbimby.

About Psychotherapy

Therapy can help you overcome anxiety, confusion, despair, shame, guilt and doubt. Counselling and psychotherapy can provide deep support, to feel met and understood. With this support you can learn to recognise your needs as they arise. Psychotherapy can potentially connect you with your core wisdom. And your wisdom may provide answers to long term problems and develop the ability to deal more effectively with issues in your life. This includes concerns such as depression, difficulties in relationships, lack of confidence, lack of self esteem and grieving. People seeking psychotherapy and who are willing to take the time to explore how they connect with themselves and others will find their interactions with others are enriched.
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 The Benefits of Gestalt Therapy

The foundations of Gestalt therapy are based on awareness and contact styles in relationship with others. Therapy sessions are aimed at supporting you in raising your awareness about how you live your life, who you are in relationships with, their impact on you and what choices you are making. In being more aware, Gestalt therapy can then help you make more positive choices. You will be given the opportunity to discover that all experience is co-created and all meaning is co-created. The aim of this understanding is to create relationships that are fulfilling.

Couples Counselling

In couples counselling, couples are encouraged to become aware of the negative and destructive patterns that have become entrenched. They will be able to directly experience how to break these patterns and begin forming new pathways that are supportive to their relationship. We will look at exploring how these restrictive ways of looking at the world developed and what you expected from each other. We will work on having you experience the dance of intimacy and shame. This will open you to understanding how you make contact in the here and now.
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What To Expect From A Counselling Session

Counselling sessions involve discussing the concerns and issues in your life which are complicated and cause stress and impasse. A session lasts 60 minutes and weekly sessions are best to create engagement in therapy and give you a chance to embrace change. A commitment of 6 sessions is encouraged to provide a platform for your change to be embedded. Some people in crisis or extreme distress may need more time to work through their issues. For those people I will provide that additional time. These sessions are open for those who would like to safely reflect on the circumstances of their life. In addition, we make sense of their present experience. Through the therapeutic relationship both the client and the therapist will experience empowerment for change. Skype sessions are also available.
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