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People seek counselling and psychotherapy for many different reasons. Perhaps they need help to respond to unexpected changes; transitions; chronic problems; emotional pain; feeling stuck or a failure to launch. Some people find themselves requiring support whilst they undergo self-exploration, find they have difficulty in connecting or simply want to know how to reach out to get the support they need. Skilled and helpful support through counselling and psychotherapy can provide relief and improve relationships whether it be the relationship with yourself, your partner, between family members or in the workplace.

Individual Counselling

I aim to create a safe and non-judgemental space, so that with warmth and sensitivity, we can deeply explore together the situation that is affecting you however complex or difficult that may seem.

I am skilled in helping you to move beyond the habitual ways you may present yourself and interact in the world, to go deeper, and to identify and resolve underlying issues.

I develop deep and honest relationships with clients, whilst maintaining professional boundaries. My approach is wholistic, taking into account the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual components of your experience, plus the environment you live and work in. I encourage a sense of aliveness and wholeness and exuberance in your life.

Anahata Retreats
Anahata Retreats

Counselling For Couples

In couples counselling, couples are encouraged to become aware of the negative and destructive patterns that have become entrenched. They will be able to directly experience how to break these patterns and begin forming new pathways that are supportive to their relationship. We will also look at exploring how these old restrictive ways of looking at the world developed and what you expected from each other. We will work on having you experience the dance of intimacy and shame. This will open you to understanding how you make better contact in the here and now.


Families all experience moments of feeling stuck and overwhelmed by problems. Sometimes we lack the inner and outer resources required to adapt to what is being demanded of us and it can lead to emotional and psychological pain. Skilled and helpful support through counselling and psychotherapy can provide relief and improve relationships whether it be the relationship between family members, managing a blended family or looking for support as a single parent. In fact, without support, at best change is more difficult and at worst it doesn’t happen.

Anahata Retreats

I can support you if you want to:

  • Understand yourself, your partner and your children better
  • Break the cycle of unhelpful behavioural patterns
  • Learn better ways to communicate with each other
  • Establish trust
  • Learn to empathise and be more compassionate
  • Reduce the impact of stress on your relationship and your family
  • Reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Understand your strengths and growth areas
  • Become a better parent/parents
  • Heal from broken trust and create a stronger relationship
  • Look after yourself and your children as a single parent
  • Heal successfully from a separation or divorce
  • Improve relationships with extended family members
  • Help your teenager get back on track by managing their emotions and behaviour by:
1.Building emotional vocabulary
2. Building awareness of how they’re feeling in the moment
3. Stimulating healthy, normal development
4. Improving their communication skills
5. Building a sense of themselves inside
6. Building awareness of their capabilities and self-esteem
7. Recognising their impact on the other

Helping With Anger Management

Big anger, inappropriate outbursts, irritability, lack of anger, non-assertive responses.

Helping With Mental Health

Panic attacks, anxiety, low self-esteem, mood swings, self-destructive behaviour, eating disorders, depression, OCD, Bi-Polar and other diagnoses, living with stigma, re-engaging with the world after mental breakdown.

Helping With Existential Problems

Loss or lack of meaning in life, mid-life crisis, lack of motivation.

Helping With Relationships

Relationship breakdown, bereavement, abandonment, loneliness, jealousy, sexual concerns.

Anahata Retreats

For more on my counselling services, call 02 6684 0095.

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