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Gestalt is a German word that means ‘configuration’ or ‘pattern’. Gestalt therapy is a way of experiencing the world as a whole person embedded in our environment. We learn by adjusting to our situation and are constantly developing creative adaptations to manage. We are always impacting our world and it always impacts us. When we are more aware of the way we organise ourselves and the impact we have on others we can attune to create a more deeply relational engagement. This is a method of becoming aware of our feelings and being able to express them in a way that connects. Over time, our responses change as we create new wholes or patterns.

The Gestalt Approach

The Gestalt approach is much more than a psychotherapy which enables people to cope better with their daily lives. It is a beautifully ingenious philosophy that also provides a practical method of viewing the world — especially through an inclusive emotional lens — and once embraced becomes a way of life. It’s about awareness, acceptance, being fully alive and experimenting with being creative in all kinds of ways. Read a story about a Beautiful Death here. One aim is the awakening of a person’s full potential, supporting what is most alive and energising which paradoxically can sometimes be through collapsing. Read a Dream Case Study here.
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Gestalt Therapy Today

Today, Gestalt Therapy is one of the mainstream psychotherapies in the world. It is practiced by professionals in health, educational and organisational fields. It has moved from the confrontational methods of the past to a more supportive appreciation of what occurs between the therapist and the client today. Still centred in the here and now, it describes the what and how of what we experience and connects past to present, part of self with part of self and self with the other. Through the therapy, the client becomes aware that of the impact they have on the situation and how the situation impacts them.

Sense Of Self

Our sense of ourselves starts with our embodiment and integrates thought, feeling and speech as we live as emergent beings; we are always simultaneously embedded in our shared experiential fields and co-shaping our shared experiential situation. Our work focuses on contemporary relational perspectives in gestalt therapy. Emphasis is on working with the nuances of emotional process, repeated themes, therapist-client interaction and the use of experiments in a relational therapy. Click here to view Beautiful Creative Process: Interview with Clinton.
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